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Introduction Post


I'm Jen, a 24-year old blogger and digital marketer from Toronto, Canada! I'm an avid horseback rider, a pet parent to two dogs and a horse, and a big fan of a good cup of tea. I'm also passionate about blogging and social media.

I've been blogging since I was 17. I've had all kinds; personal, style, Real Housewives of Vancouver (don't judge, it was actually quite successful!). But hands-down my biggest success was about tiny houses. In its heyday it had around 160,000 readers a day and was hitting $300 in daily.

Despite its success, I'm kind of looking for the next thing. I like to be challenged- there's something engaging about The Struggle™. So I decided to turn my focus into helping other people better their blogs and social media; whether it's for fun, as a business, or for a business.

I'll be putting together a blog and YouTube channel where I'll offer advice, info, tips and tricks to turn your blog into the best it can be.


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